CFE’s Tax Top 5 – 11 Decembe 2019

BRUSSELS 11 DECEMBER 2019 US Letter Threatens to Upend OECD Digital Tax Discussions In a letter to the OECD dated 3 December US Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin stated that the US has “serious concerns regarding potential mandatory departures from arm’s- length transfer pricing and taxable nexus standards—longstanding pillars of the international tax system upon which [...]

CFE’s Tax Top 5 – 2 Decembe 2019

BRUSSELS 2 DECEMBER 2019 New EU Commission Takes Office on 1 December The newly elected European Commission / College of Commissioner led by President Ursula von der Leyen took over from Jean Claude Juncker over the weekend becoming the first woman to lead the EU ‘government’. With the first gender-balanced Cabinet, von der Leyen promised [...]

CFE’s Tax Top 5 – 25 November 2019

BRUSSELS 25 NOVEMBER 2019 OECD Meeting on Pillar One: Stakeholders’ Input on the OECD Secretariat Proposals A public consultation took place at the OECD in Paris on 21 November, with 450 stakeholders in attendance, 300 of which submitted written responses to the OECD Secretariat proposal on the unified approach. Pascal Saint-Amans, Director of the OECD [...]

CFE’s Tax Top 5 – 18 November 2019

BRUSSELS 18 NOVEMBER 2019 OECD Publishes Stakeholder Comments on Pillar One Consultation The OECD has now published the comments submitted by stakeholders to the Secretariat proposals for taxation of the digitalising economy on the basis of the ‘unified approach’ under Pillar One. Under the proposed approach, new taxation rights for market jurisdictions are recognised as [...]

CFE’s Tax Top 5 – 12 November 2019

BRUSSELS 12 NOVEMBER 2019 OECD Seeks Comments on Pillar Two Minimum Taxation Global Anti-Base Erosion Proposal The OECD on 8 November published a further public consultation document concerning Pillar Two of its two-pillar approach to addressing the taxation challenges of the digitalising economy, the so-called “Global Anti-Base Erosion Proposal”, or “GloBE” proposal, which seeks to [...]

CFE’s Tax Top 5 – 5 November 2019

BRUSSELS 5 NOVEMBER 2019 EU Ministers to Discuss VAT-Related Directives The EU finance ministers sitting at Council level (ECOFIN) will discuss this Friday 8 November three VAT related files and may reach an agreement on the two legislative proposals concerning transmission and exchange of VAT-relevant payment data. In addition, a Directive amending the VAT system [...]

CFE’s Tax Top 5 – 28 October 2019

BRUSSELS 28 OCTOBER 2019 Tax Transparency: European Parliament Push on Public CbCR The European Parliament voted on 24 October a resolution backing EU-wide public country- by-country reporting of taxes paid by large multinational companies. The text of the proposed directive was already approved by the European Parliament in 2017, but Member states could not agree [...]

CFE’s Tax Top 5 – 21 October 2019

BRUSSELS 21 OCTOBER 2019 EU and the United Kingdom Reach a New Withdrawal Agreement The European Commission issued a recommendation to the EU Member states to endorse a renegotiated Withdrawal Agreement with the UK, including a revised Protocol on Northern Ireland, and a revised Political Declaration defining the post-Brexit framework of the EU-UK future relationship. [...]

CFE’s Tax Top 5 – 7 October 2019

BRUSSELS 7 OCTOBER 2019 CFE Celebrates 60th Anniversary in Torino Under the high patronage of the European Parliament, CFE Tax Advisers Europe celebrated its 60th Anniversary with a series of events, including General Assembly, the inaugural Global Tax Advisers Platform conference and technical committee meetings held over three days in Torino, Italy, hosted by the [...]

CFE’s Tax Top 5 – 30 September 2019

BRUSSELS 30 SEPTEMBER 2019 EU Court Delivers Fiscal State Aid Judgments The General Court of the EU delivered the long-anticipated first instance judgments in the fiscal State aid cases of Starbucks and Fiat. In the case Netherlands v Commission (Starbucks), the Court annulled the Commission decision, which had originally established that the Netherlands had awarded [...]