CFE’s Tax Top 5 – 5 JULY 2021

BRUSSELS | 5 JULY 2021 130 Countries Sign Historic Agreement on International Tax Reform 130 countries signed last week the global agreement on international tax reform, based on a two-pillar solution which allows multinational companies to pay more tax in the countries where they operate as well as a global minimum tax rate. As estimated by [...]

CFE’s Tax Top 5 – 28 JUNE 2021

BRUSSELS | 28 JUNE 2021 Slovenia Sets Out Priorities for the EU Presidency: Mid-July Proposal on Digital Levy Republic of Slovenia is taking over the rotating presidency of the European Union on 1 July. The Slovenian Presidency of the Council will focus on a number of priority areas in the economic and taxation sphere. Particular focus is given [...]

CFE’s Tax Top 5 – 21 JUNE 2021

BRUSSELS | 21 JUNE 2021 CFE Discussion Paper: "If It Is Legal, Is It Acceptable?" - An Ethics Quality Bar for All Advisers Against the backdrop of recent actions by governments and lawmakers, such as the G7 agreement on minimal global corporation tax and anti-tax avoidance initiatives of the EU, CFE has issued a discussion paper founded on its commitment to [...]

CFE’s Tax Top 5 – 7 JUNE 2021

BRUSSELS | 7 JUNE 2021 G7 Reach Historic Minimum Global Corporate Taxation Rate Agreement Finance Ministers from the G7 nations of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US reached a landmark decision to agree standards for minimum corporate taxation rates at their meeting which took place in London from 5 to 6 June. The Ministers from the [...]

CFE’s Tax Top 5 – 31 MAY 2021

BRUSSELS | 31 MAY 2021 EU Sets Out New Corporate Tax Reform Proposals The European Commission has published a new plan for corporate tax reform within the European Union, encompassing a number of short term and longer term proposals. The plan is embedded in a Communication on Business Taxation for the 21. Century. The main pillars of the [...]

CFE’s Tax Top 5 – 17 MAY 2021

BRUSSELS | 17 MAY 2021 European Parliament Calls For Swift Reform of International Tax Rules The European Parliament has adopted Resolution 2021/2010/INI calling on international stakeholders to speed up the process of adoption and implementation of the international taxation framework, currently under multilateral negotiation at the OECD. European Parliament is seeking to put pressure on the [...]

CFE’s Tax Top 5 – 10 MAY 2021

BRUSSELS | 10 MAY 2021 OECD to Introduce Cryptocurrency Reporting by End 2021 During the CFE's 2021 Forum, held virtually on 6 May 2021, Director of the Centre for Tax Policy at the OECD, Pascal Saint-Amans, gave a keynote speech on the panel discussion topic of cross-border exchange of information. Mr Saint-Amans confirmed that the OECD [...]

CFE’s Tax Top 5 – 3 MAY 2021

BRUSSELS | 3 MAY 2021 EU to Proceed with Own-Resource Digital Levy Regardless of US Digital Tax Proposals Speaking during a European Parliamentary debate on 28 April, EU Commissioner for Economy, Paolo Gentiloni, confirmed that the Commission will proceed to publish its proposal for a digital levy by the end of June, irrespective of developments at OECD level [...]

CFE’s Tax Top 5 – 26 APRIL 2021

BRUSSELS | 26 APRIL 2021 Pascal Saint – Amans: Digital Tax Agreement by October Speaking at a conference organised by the Government of Ireland, Pascal Saint-Amans, the OECD Tax Director confirmed the agreed timeline for reaching a global agreement on digital tax. Pascal Saint – Amans said that the G20 meeting of the finance ministers in July is [...]

CFE’s Tax Top 5 – 19 APRIL 2021

BRUSSELS | 19 APRIL 2021 Ireland Raises Issues with US Proposed Minimum Taxation As a result of US proposals to introduce a minimum corporate tax rate of 21%, countries like Ireland are presumed to lose significant revenue. Under the Stability Programme Update for 2021 of the Irish Department of Finance published on 14 April, Ireland stands to [...]